The focus for the 2004-2005 year is Photo Essays. Whether a project grows out of that focus is not yet known.

The 2003-2005 project was Barns of Berkshire County

The club"s members photographed barns around Berkshire County during two years from the Fall of 2003 through the Spring of 2005. Several presentations during those two years were focused the barn project. Matting materials were donated by a member and frames were purchased from American Frame. Also, all barn photos were viewed by the club members in the Spring of 2005. Member Ruth Abele spear-headed the project and is to be commended for her efforts.
The culmination of the Barn Project was framed photos of barns hung in four of the Berkshire Bank branches during March, 2005. Photographers exhibiting in the Berkshire Bank branches were:
The Great Barrington branch, 244 Main Street: Jill Jillson, Jeff Gardner, Bob Peacock, Karen Pease.
The West Stockbridge branch, 2 Depot Street: Ruth Abele, Warren Abele, Steve Blanchard, Joan Cousins, Joseph Hirshfeld.
The Pittsfield branch, 66 West Street: Ruth Abele, Warren Abele, Steve Blanchard, Dorothy Crane, Nathan Doctrow, Joseph Hirshfeld, Bob Taylor.
North Adams branch, 37 Main Street: Bob Behr, Joan Cousins, Jina, Ford, Jeff Gardner.

A selection of these barn photos was hung at the headquarters of the Williamstown Rural Lands Foundation during their Sheep to Shawl festival, April 30, 2005. Here are some of the photos on display there:

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