2020-21 Schedule

Due to the nature of 2020, meetings will be listed on our HOME as they come up.
Meetings will be held virtually at least until the end of 2020. Come January, if the situation of the world has improved enough to justify such discussion, we may reconsider in-person meetings for the second half of the season. (A more complete schedule is coming soon.)

There will be 3 types of meetings:

  1. Showcase – 3rd Tuesday of the month. Images from members will be put on display and feedback may be offered.
  2. Workshop – 1st Tuesday of the month. Focus will be on learning skills or techniques, as taught by members who are equipped to teach.
  3. Outings – For the brave among us, we will be attempting some outdoor, socially distanced, casual shoots while the weather cooperates. These are informal and unofficial. People who participate are encouraged to observe mask/distancing protocols as appropriate.