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*All submissions must be JPG’s, no larger than 1400×1050 (width x height) and no smaller than 600 pixels on the smallest dimension.

Digital Submissions

NECCC Fall (Deadline: October 21st)
*You are encouraged to submit up to FOUR photos in each NECCC category!

Archive – Look at past submissions.
Competition Rules – A revision for 2019-2020 season is coming September 17th.

💡 - During the season, competition scores will be listed below.
NECCC Submissions


⭐ – Tables now reflect the sum of the top seven scores

Mono Print

 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 
Bea DaSilva2024232794
Jeanne Driscoll1919
Donna Hitchcock272552
Lin Lambert26212875
Lynne O’Connell222446
Bruce Panock172239
Dave Simmons28282985
James Smith182442
Hope Young162238

Color Print

 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 
Jeanne Driscoll2023201616242723182725169
Donna Hitchcock182221212224128
Linda Lambert19191416221824282225159
Arnold Mazurenko1717
Bob Taylor1923172723109
Brian Walsh192241
Bea DaSilva2419222227291722272825182
John Mathys202116262325131
Lynne O’Connell2122121720192526202022182220158
Bruce Panock1921212485
Dave Simmons2327202019293028232326186
James Smith2321231819263025232430181
Hope Young2118232284
Xingning Zhao27231730291923242427184

Digital Images

 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 
Jean Driscoll201725142096
Donna Hitchcock212313152329252422212722171
Linda Lambert2318161322222428153
David Lindsey282755
Arnold Mazurenko22202720281822242224169
Sarah Satterthwaite161632
DeSean Scales24232673
Conrad Sidway1623141669
Bob Taylor19121445
Brian Walsh1720202424192723261621222222168
Kristen LaBelle1924241816142219252524163
John Mathys20201918142325131227232517163
Lynne O’Connell1911212677
Janet Pumphrey2222221722252325271824252526177
Dave Simmons271728232421140
James Smith2017212517100
Jack Sprano241943
Al Voelker242347
Hope Young202221262220131
Xingning Zhao2212222625101024262523171