Judge’s Guide

Suggested Method of Coming up with a score.

Create a basic score for each image by picking one number from each row based on the quality of the image and adding the three numbers. Fine tune the score by applying adjustments up or down to these numbers as appropriate, for a maximum of 10 points in any given category.*

Below Average Average Above Average
Technical: Sharpness, color or values, etc. 3 6 9
Composition: harmony, rhythm, balance, proportion emphasis, etc. 3 6 9
Interest / Impact / Expression: subject matter, mood, etc. 3 6 9

*In the rare case that there are three judges, divide these numbers by 3. Each judge will then provide a score from 1 to 10. The score for the image is the total of the scores from the three judges.

More on Scores.

Each of the three above categories has a maximum score of 10. Added together, that means the Total Score of an image can range from 1 to a perfect score of 30.

Does it Conform?

Rarely, a photographer might submit an image that does not conform to the theme of the competition, earning a 6 point penalty. If the judge determines an image does not conform to the theme, deduct exactly 6 points from the score for that image.

Feedback and Comments

Judges are strongly encouraged to comment on each image. Provide feedback to the photographer (and other members) so we may better our understanding and improve our skills..

Berkshire Museum Camera Club thanks you for taking the time to judge our competition.