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Member List:

Here is a list of some of our members and links to their websites. This list is far from complete, but gives an idea of some of the work our photographers do outside of the club.

If you are a current member of the club and don’t find yourself on this list, please contact me with with the address of the site you’d liked linked and an image you’d like turned into a thumbnail. If I receive no image, I will “guess” about what to use as the thumb. Worse yet, I might jump out of the bushes with my camera and sneak a quick capture when you’re not expecting it! Also, for good measure, why not add in a sentence or two to describe your site. These haven’t been added in yet, but likely will be shortly.

John Mathys
Mathys Photography

Lynne O'Connell
Lynne O'Connell Photography

Janet Pumphrey
Janet Pumphrey Photography

Xingning Zhao
Xinging Zhao Photography

Michael Bufis
Latent Image
Michael passed away recently, but is not forgotten. His website displays his well honed talent that is still available for people to enjoy.