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There is a Zoom meeting @ 6:30pm on Monday, November 27 to discuss the theme.
When the timer reaches zero (15 minutes before the meeting), the link to the Zoom meeting will replace it.

MINIMALISM – Avoid the unnecessary. Less is more. Minimalism is about simplicity and elegance.

SONG LYRICS – Photos based on familiar song lyrics.

DECAY – To decrease in size, quantity, activity, or force. Everything decays. People, places, machines, plants… Instead of capturing pristine a scene, let’s capture the wear caused by the elements.

PATTERNS – Grab our attention through patterns.

LEADING LINES – Pave an easy path for the eye to follow through different elements of your photo.

HOW’D YOU GET THAT SHOT? – Photos that leave us wondering how you managed to capture them. Dumb luck or good timing? Trickery or special props?