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The Berkshire Museum Camera Club (BMCC), in conjunction with the Berkshire Athenaeum, applied for and received a Pittsfield Cultural Council grant to produce a "Pittsfield Then and Now" display of photographs. Selected photographs from the Berkshire Athenaeum's collection are the "then" photographs. BMCC had architectural photography experts give lectures to its club members. Then the BMCC members produced the "now" photographs. The project culminated with a "Pittsfield Then and Now" show at the Berkshire Athenaeum in January, 2003. Kathleen Reilly and Ruth Degenhardt, current and former head of the Athenaeum's History Department, gave a presentation at the opening of the show on January 18, 2003.

The project was limited to the area within a few blocks of Park Square. Fourteen black and white, archival quality photographic prints and six color, archival quality ink jet prints were created. Hundreds of color digital images, color slides, and color prints were created also by BMCC members as part of this project. All of these images have been added to the Athenaeum's collection for reference by future generations.

This web site contains a sampling of the then and now images, organized more or less by location in and around Park Square.

A special thanks goes out to Sunshine Photographics & Digital Imaging, 20 McKay Street, Pittsfield, (413) 443-5050, for the support they have provided us. Thanks to Curt Miller and Cesar Silva for the large-format "now" prints. Copy negatives were created for the Athenaeum from Curt's original negatives by the Chicago Albumen Works, Housatonic, (413) 274-6901. Thanks to Jason Dennis at the Photo Shop, 81 East Street, Pittsfield, (413) 442-6411 for creating the lion's share of the color slides and for producing a large album of color prints from them.

And thanks to The Pittsfield Cultural Council:

Technical notes:

The "then" images on this web site are copies of the original prints from the collections of the Berkshire Athenaeum. These photographs of the original photographs were taken with an Olympus C-700UZ digital camera. The SHQ setting was used on the camera to get the least amount of JPEG compression. The images were trimmed and "autoleveled" in Photoshop and saved again using maximum JPEG quality. Finally, for this web site, each image was reduced in size and saved using Photoshop's medium JPEG quality. The images are full-color RGB JPEG files. But the colors of the original black and white images bear little resemblance to the colors in these images for unknown reasons.

The black and white "now" images were taken with a 5 by 7 view camera by Curt Miller. The negatives were scanned and saved as JPEG files by Curt.

Most of the color "now" images were taken with an Olympus C-700UZ digital camera using the SHQ setting for maximum quality. The images were subsequently reduced in size and saved using Photoshop's medium JPEG quality. Other color images were scanned from original slides using a Nikon CoolScan II film scanner and then reduced in size and saved as a medium quality JPEG using Photoshop.

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