Club Meeting #8 (January 16)

The 8th meeting of the season has come and gone. Our numbers were noticeably low, as we were experiencing the effects of Snow Storm Inga. Wait. “Inga”? Snow Storm Inga? Why not names like Snow Storm Frosty? Snow Storm Can’t-Feel-My-Face? Or perhaps Snow Storm Broken-Shovel? Oh well. If you think of it as white sand instead of snow, you might imagine yourself at the beach. I wouldn’t recommend swimming in the ocean though, as it might be a tad cold.

Jillian Jones judged “General”. She often commented on how people chose to crop their work, reminding us again that anything that’s in our photo, that does not add to the photo, essentially detracts from the photo.

There are two main consequences of having a low turn-out due to weather. First, conversations are somewhat lacking so there’s not a whole heck of a lot to write in tonight’s blog. Second, people who had placed may not know that they placed, which gives me something to write about! Digital placements here. As for the prints… I can’t read all the names (blame it on colored pencil or blame it on my phone’s camera), so information is spotty. If I’ve made any errors, please let me know so I can fix them:

Digital Regular:

  • 1st – “Strokes” by Noni MacLeay
  • 2nd- “Butterfly on Seedums” by Kristen LaBelle
  • 3rd- “Funnel” by Noni MacLeay
Digital Advance:
  • 1st- “Fishingman” by Xingning Zhao
  • 2nd- “Staring Down the Rabbit Hole” by Hope Young
  • 3rd- “Napping in the Sunlight” by Dave Simmons
Color Print Regular:
  • 1st- “Longstone, England” by Bob Taylor
  • 1st- “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” by Jeanne Driscoll
  • 2nd- “People of New Orleans” by Lynne O’Connell
  • 3rd- “Big Wheel Keeps on Turnin'” by Lynne O’Connell
  • 3rd- “Bass Rock, Scottland” by Bob Taylor
Color Print Advance:
  • 1st- “The Dark Knight” by Dave Simmons
  • 2nd- “Polly Want A Cracker” by Bea DaSilva
  • 2nd- “Intimacy” by Xingning Zhao
  • 3rd- “Hummingbird” by Xingning Zhao
B&W Print:
  • 1st- “A Magical Finale” by Dave Simmons
  • 2nd- “Landscape #1” by Bruce Panock
  • 2nd- “Liberty” by Lynne O’Connell
  • 3rd- “…and She Has Risen” by Bea DaSilva
Just a few reminders. Tuesday the 30th (10am-noon) is the time to pick up and drop off at the museum! Our Reflections display comes down and our General display goes up. Prints from this past competition can go up, but remember that your digital submissions can also be printed and hung. Also, “Long Exposure”┬áis our next theme; deadline February 6th. Finally, the same date is our first Members Showcase.

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