Club Meeting #7 (January 2)

The first meeting of 2018 has come and gone. I’ll say right up front that as our next theme, Long Exposures, probably has some people in cold sweats wondering where to get started, I’ll be turning this into a two part blog post. Part One is today, where I’ll basically cover what happened at the meeting. Part Two will be written this weekend. In Part Two, I’ll discuss the them of Long Exposure in great detail, to simplify the technical aspects of it so people who are less sure of where to get started can just get on to taking photos!

Through the balmy double digit temperatures, people came in for a busy night. First, anyone with prints in the museum display came to pick them up. Second, prints were dropped off for the next display.
Note: According to a facebook posting I saw, it appears there is no First Friday Art Walk in January. Haven’t verified this, though I’m sure the museum would be able to answer that question if anyone is curious and willing to face the 3° high temperature to view our display and others. Most of us, I assume, will catch the display at our next meeting instead.
At the meeting, further discussion on “Environmental Issues = Human Issues” (formally known simply as the “Climate Change photo thingy”). Rough details as follows… Forget the rough details. Lynn sent out an email with more accurate information than what I had typed before. HERE is a link to the information in that email, complete with dates, requirements, etc…

We handed in prints for our first “General” theme of the season. Thad Kubis discussed Long Exposure. Reminder for all: We are defining Long Exposure as being at least 15 seconds. For those of you who shoot-for-the-judge, a reminder that he’s not a huge fan of star trails. To save myself form making this post too long, here’s HIS PRESENTATION which he was kind enough to send to us. It’s detailed. It’s technical. For some of us it makes sense and to others it may be a tad confusing.

This is where I’m going to end Part One of this blog post. It has also been quite detailed and I don’t feel that this is the point to start discussing Long Exposure in even more detail. Either tomorrow or the next day I’ll do Part Two and do a very long/leisurely look at Long Exposure. I’ll touch on some of the aspects Thad Kubis mentioned, but mostly I will give my own take on it, as I’ve done quite a bit of this type of photography and feel I may be able to simplify it for those in the club who are weary of this particular topic. Until then, stay warm, stay dry, and have some hot cocoa.

Next meeting is January 16th, when “General” will be judged.

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