End of the Year, Beginning of the Next (Part One)

The EOY banquet is over and people are preparing their upcoming summer travel plans. If you missed the banquet, this post will fill you in on what you missed. But there is so much to be said at the end of the year that this will is only the first of a mini-series of posts in the next few weeks. Watch for them!

Before discussing the banquet though, 2 recent “upcomings” to be aware of:

  1. It’s Memorial Day weekend and next week is also the first week of the month. The typical display change at the museum is taking place, but due to the holiday our drop-off/pick-up days will be Tuesday through Thursday. If you have something for the display, those are the days to get them in (or pick up existing works). Consider this month’s display to be “General”, as you can bring in anything (max size, 16×20). Also make sure to contact Bruce with thumbnails, title, and contact information to be included.
  2. Not exactly club news, but close enough: The Art of the Hills exhibit will have its opening reception and awards ceremony at the museum on June 2 (Saturday). We have several (four?) members with exhibits in the show. It is free to attend the reception, but space is limited so the museum does ask that people RSVP.

Onto the EOY banquet . . . The food was good, but there was no zucchinni served. Very strange. Howie Levitz was kind enough to judge on fairly short notice, always willing to help out when we’re in a pinch. With no ado whatsoever, here’s where people placed.

Of the Year” awards . . . Where members resubmit images they had competed with in previous competitions during the course of the year:

Digital of the Year (Regular):

  • 1st – Shanghai Atrium by Brian Walsh
Digital of the Year (Advanced):
  • 1st – Fishing Man by Xingning Zhao
  • HM – The Folks by John Mathys
  • HM – Spirits of the Forest by Hope Young
Monochrome Print of the Year:
  • 1st – Untitled #1 by Michael Bufis
  • HM – Set in Stone by Janet Pumphrey
  • HM – A Magical Finale by Dave Simmons
Color Print of the Year (Regular):
  • 1st – Bass Rock, Scotland by Bob Taylor
  • HM – Sunset With Olivia by Donna Hitchcock
Color Print of the Year (Advanced):
  • 1st – Our Sentry by Dave Simmons
  • HM – Valley Girl by John Mathys
  • HM – A Bit of an Attitude by Dave Simmons
The Point Total competitions take the total of a member’s top seven entries in a given category:
Monochrome Prints Points Total:
  • 1st – Dave Simmons
  • 2nd – Bruce Panock
  • 3rd – Michael Bufis
Color Prints (Regular) Points Total:
  • 1st – Lynne O’Connell
  • 2nd – Jeanne Driscoll
  • 3rd – Linda Lambert
Color Prints (Advanced) Points Total:
  • 1st – Dave Simmons
  • 2nd – John Mathys
  • 3rd – Xingning Zhao
Digital (Regular) Points Total:
  • 1st – Kristen LaBelle
  • 2nd – Brian Walsh
  • 3rd – Adrienne DeBlieux
Digital (Advanced) Points Total:
  • 1st – John Mathys
  • 2nd – Janet Pumphrey
  • 3rd – Xingning Zhao
Finally, we have the Pharmer and Fowler awards. Both awards are for prints that can be new or previously submitted (as long as they haven’t won the awards in the past). Pharmer is for photography of Children (because most children act like they should live in a barn). Fowler is for Nature photography (because fouls are natural):
Pharmer Award:
  • 1st – Forest Hammock by John Mathys
  • HM – Pre-K Graduation by Janet Pumphrey
  • HM – Nap Time by Dave Simmons
  • HM – Double Jeopardy by Dave Simmons
Wait, a second. You got two honorable mentions in the same contest and the second of the two is called Double Jeopardy? Double? As in two? Nice, Dave. I see what you did there.



Fowler Award:
  • 1st – Eagle 1 by Janet Pumphrey
  • HM – Little Elm, Texas by Janet Pumphrey
  • HM – Nessy by John Mathys
  • HM – Winter by Xingning Zhao
Again, this post was just about the EOY banquet. The mini-series continues soon.

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