Out of Camera gets judged

Out of the frying pan and into the fire! That is, of course, if the frying pan is a camera and the fire is a BMCC competition.

A Thank You

On November 20th, the club met to hand in prints for Shadows and to get feedback from Thaddeus Kubis on images being judged in Out-of-Camera. I was not there, as I was having gobble, gobble Thanksgiving in New York. Thank you to anyone who had to do more than usual due to my absence, especially Lynne for running things when I was gone.

And Congratulations

Each year, we get a chance to send a member to the NECCC conference (so, ummm, NECCC… C?) held in July at a substantial savings. This year, we’re sending Kristen LaBelle, who is sure to buy us all new cameras and other gear (that’s how these things work, right?). Congratulations!

Judging and Museum Display

Another thank you to Thaddeus Kubis for judging Out-of-Camera for us and providing feedback. It is always a pleasure to receive input from someone with so much experience on the topic at hand.

Please keep in mind that our museum display gets changed this coming week. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (3rd through 5th) the prints cart will be available around the corner from the front desk. I assume most people do their exchanges on December 4th before our meeting. The theme for the new display will be Out-of-Camera. Convenient for us that we just did this exact same theme in a competition and there were several prints that can be used! Also, if you wanted to print a digital you used in the competition, feel free to do that as well.

Next Meeting

December 4th. That’s this Tuesday. Howie Levitz will be present to judge Shadows. No prints are due, but again, feel free to bring in some of your Out-of-Camera prints for the museum display.

Holiday Party

December 16th (a Sunday) will be the Holiday Party. In a change of venue (I think we still have some members waiting on their orders at last year’s place), we will be meeting at Mascots at 6pm. Topic for the photo contest will be (per the usual) Holiday related images. Specifically, December holidays.

December Photo-Ops

  • Nov 30, Dec 1, Dec 2Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas. There will be plenty to photograph, but the highlight for most people will be on Sunday. That’s the day they do the recreation of the scene in the Norman Rockwell painting, complete with vintage cars (12pm-2pm).
  • December 7Pittsfield Tree Lighting Ceremony. 6pm. Last year, I saw Buddy the Elf there.
  • More to come…

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