Pets and their People judged

Mary McGurn Judges

Pets and their People got judged this past Tuesday night. Well, the photos got judged, not the pets. No one is judging them. They’re all good boys, yes they are! Thanks again to Mary McGurn for revisiting the club and being our judge.

I once said, a cow is not a pet, unless it’s in your couch. Thanks to Linda Lambert for sharing with us her pet. Didn’t catch it’s name, so I call him “Mr. Moo.”

Extra Meeting This Tuesday (and Museum Display)

Thad Kubis will be stopping by Tuesday the 26th to discuss and demonstrate the 4×5 camera system he used in Monument Valley.

This is one of our off weeks, but it is also one of our display change weeks for the museum display. Monday-Wednesday (25th-27th) is the drop-off/pick-up window, allowing the museum to have the display up in time for the First Fridays Art Walk. Tuesday is a great opportunity to see Thad’s demonstration and switch out your photos in a single visit. The theme this time is Pets and their People.


Congratulations to James Smith for his Honorable Mention for his image, Jeff the Potter in the Winter Competition.

The deadline for the Spring Competition is fast approaching. We should get our Nature (no hand of man) and Pictorial (general) photos to Bruce before midnight on March 8th. All images should be named and are restricted to the same sizes as any of our digital competitions. Speaking of which, your Natural Landscapes photos (deadline on the 5th) can also be submitted to NECCC.

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