Winding Down

We are nearing the end of the year, with just two short months to go. It’s been busy, so I’ll be keeping this post short, but because it’s been busy, the post will be quite packed.

Previous Meeting

A big thank you goes out to Cesar Silva for judging Natural Landscapes at our most recent meeting. He provided a tremendous amount of feedback, specific to each photo. This is always appreciated, as most of us are more interested in the critique than the score. I found, at least for me, that the suggestions  were on point and I’ve already “fixed” one of my images accordingly.


Museum Display (First Fridays Artswalk)

April 1st-3rd, you can get your submissions in for our next museum display. This time the theme is Natural Landscapes, and it will be the feature for the museum’s First Fridays Artswalk for the month of April. Shortly after Tuesday’s meeting, I expect to leave for DC (for the cherry blossoms) and Shenandoah (for the sunsets). If there are last minute questions/information regarding the display, Lynne will be the one to contact.

Next Meeting

April 2nd:

  • Deadline for “Close-Up” prints and digitals
  • Member Workshop. Bruce will be providing examples of how to critique our own works with a more critical mind, borrowing examples from the NECCC and his own library. I will provide a quick run through of how to make “blah” pictures “pop” in Lightroom, then demonstrate some useful tricks in Photoshop. If time permits, I may also bring my camera to do a crash course on the Exposure Triangle. *If you have a technique or skill you’d like to share with the group, please let me know so we can fit you in. Bruce and I are quite flexible in how we do things.
  • Books? Most of us keep acquiring photography books, despite telling ourselves that enough is enough. I have such a collection and will be bringing in some of the books I no longer reference, in the hopes they may find a new home. These aren’t my best books (I’m keeping those), but I won’t bring in anything unless I feel it is a worthwhile read.  If anyone else has books you’d like to pass along, this Tuesday would be a good time.

EOY Member’s Award Dinner

Full details e-mailed out to current members. The sign-up list is going around at the meetings. If you wish to come to EOY but don’t expect to be at any of the meetings before then, please send out a message.

NECCC Photography Conference Reminders

From what I have been told, “Sunday morning activity will be taking a Photo Walk with one of the Conference Presenters. They will need to pick one of these free (if registered before June 21) Photo Walks and register for it as well before their favorites fill up!”

The conference briefings are below (I still have a brochure or two, if someone wants) or you can visit the conference website for registration and more.

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