A New Beginning

Hello fellow shutterbugs! Summer is already over and a new season is upon us. I have several talking points to cover, but not all that much time (busy, busy, busy), so I’ll try to ramble only a bit.

The Levitz

As you all know, about a week after last season’s EOY, Howie Levitz passed away. Though I don’t remember him actually wearing any, he was a man of many hats. To those in the club he was a friend, mentor, judge, speaker, comedian, consultant, and story weaver extraordinaire. I cannot express enough how helpful he was to the club, nor the number of jams he helped us out of over the years. At the celebration of life honoring him, it was moving to see just how many people had shown up– more people than floor space, at times.

This season, there will be a new award at the EOY, to go along with the Pharmer and Fowler awards. “The Levitz” will be given to a member of the club who is viewed by his/her peers as a strong mentor (helper, fount of knowledge) to other members.

Howie Levitz took this picture at EOY, balancing precariously on a chair.
First Meeting and Keynote

Our first meeting has come and gone. Kim Hubbard spoke on her experiences as photo editor for National Geographic and the White House. It was a good presentation, but quite difficult to hear due to audio problems.


BMCC now has a YouTube channel. Currently, there are only two videos there (only one of which is visible to the public). A video of the keynote speech is available. The audio has been amplified, but is quite garbled. Still quite hard to hear what’s being said (possibly more difficult for some), but I’m able to make out a little more of it.

I’ll be adding more throughout the season: Speakers from our meetings (with much better audio), quick editing tips, and some random photo related odds and ends. These blogs will continue, though sometimes I may opt to do a video instead of a write-up, depending on topic and time.

Log-In and Submissions

For those of you who weren’t at the first meeting, you should know we have a new submission form for submitting your digital images. You now make a password to log-in to the site so you can submit your digitals. Anyone who is already in the system should have received an email confirming this, along with a link to the video that walks you through the process step-by-step.

If you mean to be in the club but missed the first meeting, or if you signed up but just aren’t able to log-in, please send me an email so I can get you in the system. The submission form is fairly self-explanatory, but it’s best to get things uploaded sooner rather than later this first time around, just in case questions pop up when there’s only five minutes before the deadline.

Oh, also: NECCC increased their resolutions, so we have as well. 1400×1050 is now the max.

Meow. Meow meow meow, meow meow. Meow?
October 1st

October 1st (this Tuesday) is our next meeting and our first deadline of the year. Entries (print and digital) are due for “General #1” by 6:45pm.

Lisa Goudey (a new judge for us) will be speaking about "Empty Chairs" . Lisa is an Associate Photographer for Tricia McCormack Photography. (Her personal photography page is what I’ve linked to here.)

It currently appears as though the first museum display of the month is delayed until November, so no drop-offs for that. If this changes again, I’ll let you know.

Ah, shoot…

Pittsfield Photo Challenge – Deadline November 5.

Downtown Pittsfield, Inc. is holding its 2nd annual photo challenge to find the photo that best captures why downtown Pittsfield is the “Heart of the Berkshires”. Entrants are encouraged to capture photos that showcase the beauty and personality of downtown Pittsfield, keeping in mind the theme “Heart of the Berkshires”. Creativity is encouraged!

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