A Meeting and Some Reminders

Hello, fellow shutterbugs! I’m keeping this quick and to the point, so here we go:

Tuesday’s Meeting

Dale Levitz judged and offered plenty of feedback on our General #1 images. We worked our way through some first competition bumps and bugs, paving the way toward a smoother ride next time. In case you weren’t there, make sure to welcome our new member, Kristina, the next time you can make it.

Museum Display Swap

October 28-30 is our window to pick up and drop off for the next museum display. If you have something you’d like put on display, but can’t get to the museum during that time, let me know and maybe we can make other arrangements. The theme is General, being anything you submitted to our most recent competition, but also anything else you’ve printed and want to have on display.

*16″x20″ maximum and framed so they can be hung. Please include a label (on the back is fine) with the prints name, your name, and any contact information you wish displayed. I want to make similar labels for all works, to keep a consistent appearance to the display, but I can only do so if I have the proper information to include.

I will be at the museum on Wednesday the 30th at 2pm. After doing my drop off and a few other errands, I’m going to take my camera somewhere and start clicking (probably heading out around 2:30). Anyone who wants to join is more than welcome to do so. Where we go and what we shoot will largely depend on who else shows up.

NECCC Submissions

Go to our Competitions Page to submit to the NECCC Fall competitions. You’re allowed up to 4 images in each category. Nature (no hand of man) and Pictorial (General). Even though it’s a Fall competition, your images do not have to be taken in the Fall. The deadline for these is October 21st (this Monday!) at 11:30pm.

YouTube x2

Our newly made YouTube Page is pretty sparse at the moment, but it’s growing. Early in the week, I will be adding 2 new short tutorial videos (one in Lightroom and one in Photoshop). These won’t be in-depth sessions, but rather will focus on specific techniques or features.

If there are any specific tutorials you would like to see, send me a message with your request. If time allows, I might feel inspired to do a few extra videos this week, if only to fatten the page up a bit.

November 5th Meeting
Ahh, Shoot…

Orionids Meteor Shower – October 21/22

Late on the night of the 21st, the Orionids meteor shower (centered on Orion) will be active, peaking around midnight to 2am each night. The forecast has us down for a “maybe” for clear skies and the moon won’t be much of an issue. If you’re up and find somewhere dark, you’ll likely be looking at around 1 meteor per minute. On an extended shot of several minutes, this is where you get your star trails with meteors.

Pittsfield Photo Challenge – Deadline November 5

Downtown Pittsfield, Inc. is holding its 2nd annual photo challenge to find the photo that best captures why downtown Pittsfield is the “Heart of the Berkshires”. Entrants are encouraged to capture photos that showcase the beauty and personality of downtown Pittsfield, keeping in mind the theme “Heart of the Berkshires”. Creativity is encouraged!

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