“Empty Chairs” at the start of the year

Come one, come all. Pull up a chair, but don’t sit in it! It’s time for empty chairs.

NECCC Submissions

First off, let me announce that the NECCC Fall submission forms (Nature and Pictorial) are up. You have until October 21st (11:30pm) to submit up to FOUR images in each category. You can find the submission forms by going to our Competition page, or by clicking HERE.

First Time Speaker

This past Tuesday, Lisa Goudey spoke on the topic of “Empty Chairs” and provided some reminders about things we should be thinking about when taking photos in general. Lisa, a new judge for us, is an Associate Photographer for Tricia McCormack Photography. Some of her personal work can be viewed HERE.

Something she said caught my attention and I think it might help us when shooting for this (or any) topic. Lisa commented that if she didn’t know what the topic was, she should be able to look at an image and get a general idea of the theme.

Empty Chairs

In case you missed the presentation (or just want a refresher), here are two links for you:

In brief, every photo tells a story. It’s up to you to tell it… The chair (swing, bench, stool, etc…) was made to be sat in, but it’s empty. Why? Is someone missing? Is it in an unusual place? Is it empty in anticipation for something that’s about to take place? Or, maybe, is it just an interesting chair in a nice composition?

Entries for “Empty Chairs” are due by November 5th.

Next Meeting

October 15, Dale Levitz will judge “General #1”. Whereas Dale assisted Howie whenever he judged, this will be her first time doing so on her own. I hope to see plenty of you there to support her as she supports us. No submissions are due on the 15th.

Ah, Shoot…

Pittsfield Photo Challenge – Deadline November 5.

Downtown Pittsfield, Inc. is holding its 2nd annual photo challenge to find the photo that best captures why downtown Pittsfield is the “Heart of the Berkshires”. Entrants are encouraged to capture photos that showcase the beauty and personality of downtown Pittsfield, keeping in mind the theme “Heart of the Berkshires”. Creativity is encouraged!

After The Meeting – October 15th.

After our next meeting, I’ll be sticking around Pittsfield to do some night photography. Bring your camera if you’d like to join. If it’s cloudy, I’ll be sticking around North Street and the Civil War Memorial to capture city lights and the blur of cars going by. If it’s clear, I might go to a nearby park to find some darker skies or capture the moonrise.

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