Club Meeting #3 (October 17)

Technical difficulties and a few busy days have gone by since meeting #3, but the blog is here at last!

The first night of judging went by without a hitch… Ha… Just kidding. Things went well once they got going, but anyone who was there early knows it started as a test of Murphy’s Law. Wrong cords, missing chairs, having to locate a hidden projector, etc… For everyone who helped, thank you very much. We were very glad to not have to hold up a laptop to show the digitals.

We started the evening with a brief mention of the NECCC Fall Competition. I was going to make a nice pretty gallery to show them in, but noooo. Technical difficulties, as mentioned before. So have made an ugly tower of good looking images. Click to see them larger:


Janet Pumphrey – Eagle 1


Bruce Panock – Flower 1


Michael Bufis – Withering Aster


John Mathys – Oasis


Dave Simmons – A Farm Awakening


Bruce Panock


John Mathys – End of Childhood


Michael Bufis – Fog Over The Bowl

Congratulations to everyone photographer who had an image move on to the NECCC. If you didn’t get in or (gasp) didn’t even submit anything, there will be two more opportunities to do so.

After NECCC talk, the meeting moved on to the judging by Anastasia Stanmeyer. Congratulations to everyone who got 1st, 2nd, or 3rd and therefore the opportunity to be in Berkshire Magazine and become world famous. Well, maybe not exactly world famous, but at least locally famous. Yes. Locally famous. That’s a thing now. It’ll be the Winter issue which, I believe, comes out in late November. I would list winners and display some of the shots (in another hideous tower of stacked pixels), but technical difficulties.

Side rant: Do any of you know how absolutely infuriating it is when your laptop won’t allow you to press the 1, A, or Space Bar. All at the time when it locks you out and insists upon a password that has the letter A in it? Yeah… Technical difficulties.
Lynne, can I hang some of my beautiful mixed media drawings in the museum instead of a photo? No? Shoot.
Oh, that reminds me. The end of the month is fast approaching, as is the next chance to get some of your prints hanging in the museum (Sesame Street works of wonder need not apply). Prints from the Volunteering theme can be submitted, as can your digitals (if you print them). If anyone is unsure about the mounting, framing, etc… just ask. Plenty of people with plenty of knowledge to help with that part. For dates on the museum display, look down. You know, down. At the bottom of this post.

Oh. One last thing for this post. Bruce mentioned that if anyone is interested in doing some more volunteering-styled photo shoots, send him an e-mail to let him know. There are some organizations that are hoping to have some photographers help them out.

Edit: Oh. Yet one more last thing that I had forgotten before doing the first last thing. Bruce also requests that if you are choosing to display a photo or two in the museum, please be sure to have not only your contact information, but also mention where/what the volunteering is for.

From an e-mail Lynne sent us, posted here in case anyone’s not getting the e-mails:

Hello Everyone,  

We have confirmation on the display change.
We will take current work down on October 30th,
And put new work up on November 1st.
If you would like to leave your current framed photo with us on the 30th we can store it until the 1st,so you don’t have to come in twice.
Also, I have the same offer, if anyone needs to leave their photo with me I will be happy to bring it in.
I will be away from the 24th-29th, home until the evening of the 23rd. So if you need to leave something with me contact me.
ALSO, if anyone is available to help! We would appreciate it! I am thinking Bruce and I will be at the museum both days at around 10:00am?If you don’t hear otherwise, that will be the time!
PLEASE! Bring your work!!!!!! 
Thank you all!

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