Holiday Party and More

I remember last year, being at a certain unnamed tavern that had received a thumbs up from The Fonz . . . Legend says, if you listen closely, you can still hear a few club members waiting for their orders.

Enter Mazcot’s

We partied like it was 1999 and headed to Mazcot’s for this year’s Holiday Party. The service was amazing and I highly recommend it. We had 20 people there, and all of us were able to eat more or less at the same time. Their act was together and then some. Can’t speak for the other dishes, but the pizza and the root beer floats are top notch. In the competition portion of the evening, Bea DaSilva won with her picture of the red door.

Museum Display Update

Due to the high volume of exhibits being updated at the start of January, the museum has requested we wait until February for our next display change. This being the case, the current display will stay up throughout January and we will not be bringing in new material until the February display (most likely having January 28, 29, and 30 being the dates of that content switch).

As February will be for displaying our General competition prints, feel free to include your Shadows prints if there were some you wanted displayed. We will show both General and Shadows in February.

Next Meeting

A quick reminder that there will be no meeting on New Year’s Day, so enjoy the day. Our January meetings will not be the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month, but rather the 2nd and 4th. The next meeting (and the deadline for prints/digitals for General #2) is therefore on January 8th. Mary McGurn will be talking on the topic of Pets and their People.

NECCC Reminder

January 11th is our deadline to email Nature and Pictorial digitals to Bruce for the NECCC Winter Competition.

I’m a Wheel Watcher!

Congratulations to our very own Kristen LaBelle for becoming a famous celebrity as a contestant on Wheel of Fortune this past week.

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